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Manual Chalking Ruled Unconstitutional

It has been a crazy week with news coming out of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals that physically placing chalk on vehicles violates the Fourth Amendment’s ban on unreasonable searches and seizures. autoChalk Mobile is placed as a perfect alternative as we “virtually chalk” or “digitally chalk” vehicles as we drive by. That is, no marks are placed on a vehicle and vehicles are not touched at all. In fact, we do not require even a license plate to chalk parallel parked cars with our patented technology. We can use size, shape and colour or license plate of the parked vehicle to determine overstay and to alert officers of potential violations. Upon a second pass, two sets of photos are shown to the officer to verify if the car has indeed moved (please note: license plates have been blurred for privacy reasons):


We provide plenty of background information for the officers to make their best decision on whether or not the vehicle is in the same location and if it has moved. Officers can drill down into the photo to see the valve stem to further have confidence:


autoChalk Mobile is the system best situated to mitigate any manual chalking concerns while keeping your officers safe and efficient. Talk to you soon!