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What We Do

Tannery Creek Systems makes autoChalk® an award winning vehicle recognition and license plate recognition (LPR) system. Made for parking enforcement, it is easy to use, tough, reliable, efficient and productive. Tannery Creek’s autoChalk family include mobile products for street and parking lot use and fixed cameras for garages and parkades. Use our powerful back office to store, review and export citations, define policies and map (geofence) your city for appropriate parking zones.

We think of our customer relationship as a partnership where we are successful only when you are successful. Tannery Creek’s team includes world class engineers who work with our customers solving challenging problems that others could not. And we understand our client’s concern if their systems are down, so our engineers work diligently to get them back on their feet as fast as possible.

Tannery brings these four core values to everything we do:

  • Build tough and reliable equipment
  • Make it as easy to use as possible
  • Understand each client’s challenges and provide solutions
  • Comprehensive remote and on-site customer support

Check us out. Ask our clients about us. We think you will be happy with what you hear.

Who We Are

Tannery Creek Systems was founded in 2004 by Bill Franklin, P. Eng, Jeff Bethune and Raphael Leung. Over the last ten years Tannery has steadily grown.  Tannery’s first commercial product, autoChalk®, was a financial and critical success garnering several awards. And while the autoChalk family has become more sophisticated, Tannery Creek’s core principles remain the same. We want to make people’s lives easier, safer and more efficient.