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  • frederick

    ” In July 2007, the Fredericksburg Police Department implemented autoChalk technology to encourage residents and visitors to obey the time-zone parking restrictions in our downtown district. The autoChalk system has greatly enhanced the management of citywide parking enforcement by increasing the scope of our daily enforcement efforts through its time saving and effective operation. The system has also allowed the city to apply an incremental fine structure to target and deter repeat offenders. One unexpected benefit derived from the autoChalk system has been the dramatic reduction in the number of complaints received concerning parking citations. “

    - Chief David Nye, Fredericksburg Police Department

  • calgary
    “ The Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) has been working with Tannery Creek Systems for over 7 years, and considers them a key technology partner in our mandate to optimize parking management services in Calgary. Tannery Creek has been instrumental in the success of our ParkPlus System™ for on-street enforcement, resulting in an increased payment compliance rate of 10-15% for on-street pay parking since 2007. Our most recent partnership with Tannery Creek has resulted in the implementation of off-street automated enforcement in our parking garages, using a ‘virtual gate’ system. Implementation of this system has resulted in a 98% payment compliance rate, and reduced the amount of enforcement resources required to patrol the parking garages. Tannery Creek also provides excellent after-sales service, often responding to our inquiries within minutes, and they are continually working with us to optimize our processes whenever possible. I would recommend Tannery Creek to any organization that wishes to develop innovative and unique solutions to improve efficiency in their operation. ”

    - Miles Dyck, Manager, Parking Enforcement, Calgary Parking Authority

  • saskatoon
    “ With Tannery Creek, we can cover more area and have increased productivity significantly. Their ALPR system has allowed us to locate dated scofflaws, manage timed parking and maintain a large area in a fraction of the time. It has been a great and necessary tool! ”

    - Roxanne Christian, Parking Enforcement Coordinator, City of Saskatoon

  • santa rosa
    “ Safety in the workplace is a top priority for us. Using the autoChalk program has reduced injuries caused by hand chalking and we are able to cover more territory each day. Tannery Creek’s customer service support is very responsive to our inquiries. Usually when we have a question, they are able to assist us immediately. They are working with us to customize our residential permit list. They also helped us to input our local hotsheet and we have been working with our police department to assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles. “

    - Janet Reisner, Supervising Parking Enforcement Officer, City of Santa Rosa

  • calgary
    “ We currently have 6 Autochalk vehicles doing enforcement in Calgary. These vehicles cover the payment required zones an average of three times a day. Six foot patrol officers would take a week to do this much enforcement. On street compliance has improved by 10-15% since we started using Autochalk in 2007. Court appearances are almost non- existent. We have had one trial in 6 years and got a conviction on it. The photos speak for themselves. We pay no overtime out for court. Support from Tannery Creek has been remarkable. We have all office numbers along with cell phone numbers for the support team. I have called on weekends, evenings and always got a response in a timely manner. The team is great to work with and always have suggestions or a solution. At no time do they make us feel like we are just USERS of their system. Our drivers can connect to Tannery Creek via WiFi and have the support team monitor issues we may have. The equipment is very reliable and we have very little if any downtime with our vehicles. Our overall experience with Tannery has been nothing but positive. ”

    - Nancy Chaisson, Supervisor, ParkPlus Enforcement, Calgary Parking Authority